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Import employee data from Excel

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Shared by Kasia • January 17, 2024

Significant changes have taken place in Configuration -> Import. We refreshed its look, but most importantly, we added an option to import an XLSX file.

It's the next step to make Calamari the source of truth about your employees. You can quickly and conveniently download, edit and import employee data from now on.

With this option, you can:

  • update any employee field via XLSX file
  • import custom fields,
  • import additional fields,
  • import only selected columns.

In addition, when you go to the XLSX import tab, you can:

  • download a blank template, which is ideal for adding new users,
  • or download a template with filled-in user data, which is suitable for updating data.

During the import:

  • you will see an import progress bar - you can safely close the browser, and the import will complete itself,
  • if the imported file contains errors - in addition to the information, you will get the option to download the file that contains only errors.

You can still contact the Customer Care team about import issues - use the chat in the application.